Song Logic on the 4ZZZ Jazz Show

Wow - Knox on the always-good Jazz Show on 4ZZZ FM did a good 40 minute set based on tracks from the Degrees of Late Night essay from Song Logic! I'm very, very chuffed. Knox played some Grateful Dead, Dexter, Miles and a little more Dead! And more than anything, I'm really happy Knox pronounced my name right ;-). I'll go with "Flemish" over Dutch anyday, Knox.

It's Wes Montgomery's birthday today, and a lot of great tunes were played, including a cut from Bags Meets Wes which I'm gonna research right now.

Thanks Knox, and hooray for 4ZZZ! You guys rock at 102.1 FM.

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  1. A whole radio segment inspired by your essay? THAT'S when you know you've made it. Congrats!

    x K