About the book

The culture of music floats on the magic of song.

In these essays and interpretations, Rino Breebaart explores the uncanny and subjective DNA of music. From jazz to ambient and pop, from live magic to personal listening, music is explored through perspectives on songwriting and craft.

There's long intrepretative essays and pithy short pieces. There's a small epiphany about David Bowie, and some heartfelt digressions about art and time. There's something for every taste in music (including Grateful Dead fans), all served with insight and depth - no garnish. To quote one reviewer:
"Rino prefers Cannonball's solos to Coltrane's on Kind of Blue. He's that sort of guy - original, idiosyncratic, quietly confident. He writes from this place, in that voice. You should read him - everyone else is just giving John the benefit of the doubt."

Rino Breebaart is a writer, editor and typecast blogger based in Australia. He edits the Slow Review and plays Warwick bass. His favourite Zep album is III.

You can buy the book from lulu.com and amazon.com. Also kindle.
Or listen to a playlist of some of the tracks discussed in the book!