Song Logic on the Kindle

After an amazingly difficult, duh-geeky process to try and get Lulu to accept my ebook/epub file for the book, and failing with enough rage to hurl twenty computers out the window, I've got an ebook version at last! It's available for Kindle via Amazon. It's only 5 bucks, but really, if you promise me you'll put up a review or a link to this blog, I can send the epub file to you direct, for free. Just post a comment or email me.

The Lulu process for ebooks is insane because Apple's iBookstore is difficult and narcy and secretive about its QA standards. So instead I wanted to see if it works and functions well on the Kindle, which creation process is much friendlier. But yes, if you have a thing about books and paper and don't like the tactility of something you can safely throw at someone (to make a point), then by all means get the ebook version. And let me know what you think.

I'd rather people have the paper product because the paper's soft and creamy and the type looks great on it. Decision is yours.


  1. I want both so I can have one on my book shelf and an electronic copy because I'm impatient and want to read it now. I promise to review it on my blog - for serious.

  2. no probs. send email to editor atsign slowreview d-o-t com and you shall receive.